Jayfresh Premium Mangoes Full of Whitsunday Goodness

Jayfresh Premium Mangoes

Jayfresh grows and exports premium mangoes from its farm in the tropical paradise of the Whitsundays region in Northern Queensland, Australia. Sublime beaches, coral seas, crystal waters and lush farmlands all contribute to making our region very special indeed.

Our farm near Bowen is the birthplace of our mango varietal, the R2E2, a premium mango superior in taste, appearance and yield, and beloved by mango aficionados worldwide.

The name R2E2 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but, rest assured, the mouth feel and taste of this special variety are second to none.

Developed in Australia in the early 1980s by researchers Ian Bally, Ross Wright and Peter Beal, our R2E2 mango is a mid-season variety – nurtured right here at the Bowen Research Facility.

In fact, our home farm is right next door and our orchard contains some of the very first R2E2 trees in the world. As well, our own farm nursery propagated, grafted and supplied many R2E2 trees for orchards across Australia – so you really can call our orchards “the birthplace and home of the R2E2”.

Fertile soil and ideal growing conditions make Bowen and the Whitsundays one of the world’s best to grow a premium mango that meets all the demands of clients – in Australia and across the globe.

Want to know more about Jayfresh?

Please contact us or call Jonathan Freeman directly on +61 (0) 419 999 122.

Note: Due to the nature of the business, Jonathan may be in a different time zone so it’s more efficient to email us and set up a time to talk.